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When you add an item to this list, include a link to the free pdf. . RPG Item: Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (2nd Edition) [Average. 37 pages (PDF or HTML). Aisling: Where Dreams Run Free by Aidan Grey: Keywords: genre modern fantasy rules-lite: A modern fantasy RPG. Expedition is a lightweight, app-powered RPG that gets you straight into the Enter your email below to get the free Print and Play RPG PDF - a % free.

All of the RPGs available in this section are free for download and are generally in.

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Most super hero roleplaying games have a huge amount of overhead with rules and math bogging down the super hero action. On the flip side, even the most rules light supers roleplaying systems, bog down with weird non-intuitive mechanics and slow overly detailed character creation. SuperSpeed uses a set of polyhedral dice annotated as XdY where X is the number of dice to roll and Y is the number of sides the dice has.

In SuperSpeed you will likely need several d4, d6, d8, d10 and d Game masters, player-characters, my friends! What is Modos RPG? A simplified roleplaying system that creates ambiguities in order to allow players and game masters to fill the gaps with imagination.

Roleplaying games have historically tried to define things like hit points, damage, and attributes in a conrcrete way; this game leaves the definitions up to its players.

A universal conflict-resolution system allows most things combat, skill-tests, social conflict to be resolved in a uniform way, while leaving room for GMs to customize each experience. Furthermore, the game rewards and encourages roleplaying in these situations with a direct bonus to die rolls and the hero point, a daily power designed by the player.

This is a short little game based on a childhood memory. The concept is that you and your fellows are half an inch tall, trying to survive in human settlements.

Maid RPG.pdf

The resolution mechanic is simple and the game uses only d6s. There is one page of rules, and one page of lore and creatures. In Empty Roads, a single protagonist, created and narrated collaboratively by all players embarks on a journey, meeting various strangers along the way, interacting with them, shaping their and her own life. The story is shaped by the cliches and stereotypes of the road movie genre. Welcome to the Cage.

This is your new home. You are trapped here. As we areā€¦. Always Lonely, Never Alone is a hour rpg submitted to the loreshapers contest, meeting strangers. It is about common people suddenly waking up trapped in an unknown complex, the Cage, along with others. Their primary goal is probably to find out how they got there and escape, not necessarily in that order.

Above all, though, they have to survive.


To do that, they will have to work together, which may prove to be the biggest challenge. Though the core system is free , adventures in the setting will generally be paid.

The availability of adventures is limited because the core game is new. You can, of course, create your own adventures for free. The system does this primarily through the use of Aspects. For example, an Alert character could invoke that aspect to gain a bonus when attempting to notice monsters nearby.

The Best Free PDF RPG Adventure Modules That Aren't D&D

Free content of varying quality can be found on FATE fan sites. Pathfinder is not generally known as a free product. You can, however, start playing for free.

All the rules you need to begin playing the game can be found there. These are designed for low-level characters and provide a solid introduction to the system. The free content provides plenty of depth and an imaginative gamer should have no trouble developing new adventures with the rules published online.

Savage Worlds focuses on light, practical rules that are easy to understand and encourage fast, furious fights with numerous opponents instead of complex encounters with a handful of enemies. Savage Worlds is built to support any genre.

The same goes for the test drive rules which, at just 16 pages long, are among the incredibly efficient and easy to understand. You can use these rules in your own setting or in The Wild Hunt , a free adventure released to help players jump right in the game. These tabletop RPGs all let you start playing with friends immediately.

These will help you reduce clutter and save on the cost of paper and ink. A tabletop will still be required but the only piece of paper absolutely required for modern gaming is a character sheet.

Your email address will not be published. First, posts a SRD as a free tabletop roleplaying system..

Biased much? A lot of the new commercial systems nowadays have SRDs. Also, what about: I suggest a game called Warrior, Rogue and Mage.


Very good. And completely free! Great list, thanks! But, let's also not forget the games based on Microlite20, which is a trimmed down version of the 3. They refuse to mention the name on the site, so I don't, either. How trimmed down? How's a one-page rule book sound to you?

Yeah, didn't sound so good to me, either. But, there are myriad variations and options to choose from to get you started and allow you to build the game you want to play.On the flip side, even the most rules light supers roleplaying systems, bog down with weird non-intuitive mechanics and slow overly detailed character creation.

Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! The production values are off the charts on this one, and the Steamjacks-meet-magic world is a thing of absolute beauty. One of those modular encounters, Taming the Dragon, was released for free to the public as a PDF and throws your group of rebel scum into an underground illegal swoop race. Resolution is based on a series of 1d12 rolls, with special meaning for rolls of 11 and You can, however, start playing for free.

Many more cool features that let you roleplay the game you want! Log In with Facebook. Wyrd Miniatures.