Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse CES & 5 Seagull AS ( QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS) AAET Which electronic component does this. Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse CES & 5 Seagull AS ( QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS) AACM: How can the error of the. Ces Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Seagull Ces Stcw Test Answer - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Seagull CES STCW answer test. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download CES and 5 Seagull Test Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by site. Download the 5☆ CES & at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF TEST CES / FOR SEAMEN IT'S APP.

Ensure your success Please visit the main page of Ces on Software Informer. Best technologies from the CES Squeak 5.

Download Ces 4. The ship security assessment SSA. Don t worry we will help you with that. Toggle navigation maritime downloads. CES 5. Marine Engineering Ces 5. Download CES 4. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account?

Create a Page. Continue with manual operated engine room until the maintenance work is finished. Show More Channels. Home; Voices; Subscribe; About.

Seagull ces 5. Good day! What are the topics. Other Actions. Description: reviewer C. View More CES 5. Show only wrong answers with.

Because they expected the harbor pilot Channels 6. A number of lifejackets equal to at lea. Either of the mentioned alternatives. Survival suit and lifeline BOTH.

Connect bonding cable then connect hose. Stop all cargo operations and close the. Check that the painter is made fast to.. Anti-alcohol foam BRRN.

Increase the dosage of chemicals. Separation with correct temperature and. The main purpose with booster pumps is. Figure 3 BOIO.. Sufficient amount for 15 hours of opera. Secure hatches BQDK.. Do not carry lighters or matches on the. C BMWY.. Yes BQNG. C BWSO. Constructed of non-combustible material. Tank top BTOO.. Metals BSJY.. The Part Flow System makes it possible. Both persons in charge BSNH. Figure 1 BSNI.

Air from stage one goes through dischar. Ensure adequate circulation in all cond. If time permits. Liquefied gases is defined as chemicals After 20 minutes BSAQ.. Before the tank is entered. Plan for safety preparedness BUGD.. As a safety net. Muster and embarkation stations shall b It confirms that a ship has been "carve The Secretary of State responsible for. Figure 1. Excessive cooling water velocity BWKG.

All those listed in the other alternati. Two BVJN. Provisions on maritime inquiry and deat. It allows the wearer to jump from heigh. By use of a float switch or differentia. Where the ship has passenger spaces bel.

Do nothing As near as possible to the ship's manif. Computer-aided maintenance CDVT Report to the chief officer or chief en. All personnel onboard crew and passeng. On area A4 this function is based on th.

Someone of at least school leaving age. A throughput of at least litters a. Exhaust gas temperatures are higher tha. Emergency shut down.. A duly completed application with certi. Provide a replaceable wear surface for. Walk to a smoking area inside the accom.. Too little gas in the system. All of the mentioned actions CADH. Leave him in bed or request him to have. Automatic gain control CEBM..

As instructed by the helicopter pilot CBBT. Figure 1 BYAU. A BYKV. Cinnamon BYMK. Maximum 8 hours per day. In ports only CCEH.. White or light grey to ensure all minor. With this type of material the hatches. Because a cook handles food and beverag. Because they wanted to make sure that t.

Allow removal of the sensor also when l Make it possible to retain most of the. All answers are goods CFDU. Great circle CJNR.

They will be closed if the ship get a d. They can bring any seafarer involved in. The smallest diameter piston is the sta.. Because he was married The clearance between the rocker arm an. Insulated on both sides with approved n Strainer in operating water low-pressur. He should be aware of the steel thickne. Ship owner has Document of Compliance i. For minimum 3 years CETX. When manoeuvring?

A 2 stroke engine has an ignition every.. Safety shoes or safety boots CHYN. The speed should be less than 5 knots. Donning of fire protection clothing CHMA.

Stop discharge All of the mentioned equipment. Report to bridge or duty officer. To obtain a proper sealing and correct. All alarms are reengaged prior to switc. A bolt in every hole CFXD. One minute. Deck cargo shall not block emergency ex.

Above the bulkhead deck CNQG. Act 18 June relating to enrolment.

Diesel oil leakage to the lub oil syste. All the mentioned alternatives COHV.. A sink is always needed irrespective of. Comparing input and output values again.. Periods not exceeding 3 months CKSH..

Not more than 10 minutes CMLL Any of the listed alternatives. The "Abandon ship" signal is not specif. Prevent excessive furnace heat losses CKPX They tend to contain heavy vapours inbo..

Blow the boiler and renew water until.. Immediate availability of water for at. The master of a ship who coordinates o If any of the main registered particula Port quarter is given by D on the figur..

At least two sets of instruments to det. In case of a bursting pipe. The two gases is Freon 22 and carbon mo. The water supply hoses contain internal For all vessels.. All of these. Diamond and graphite. The difference between possible maximum.

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Allow for increase in water volume CLNB. Too fast CUCG.. Smoke going out the stack CRCR. To prevent freon condensing when the co To avoid the compressor-oil to disappe Method to measure alkalinity and acidit.

Floor space is usually more valuable th. Lenght overall is given by B on the fig. Separation with correct temperature and.. Bureau Veritas. Distress traffic. Once every month CQXU Into the crankcase and mix with the lub. The bows of the ships will be pushed aw.. To prevent serious damages on main comp. Pushing on ship's flat side and make fa.

Caps and cocks should be closed at all.. Give the coating time to "weather out". All the items mentioned CUCF.. It should be avoided. Lloyds Register Pressure to electric current converter. On the fire control plans CUCJ. Connect to the hydrant before lowering. A manually operated release system only.. Use the rudder hard over both sides whi. As low as possible. Crankshaft CUAR All the spaces mentioned CVOV The number of persons should be clearly.

To improve the sealing surface between.. Serial adapter CVXD. The atmosphere should be gas free and c.. To prevent freon condensing when the co.. Fire is easily spread in dust and trash. At least once a watch CVTV. Check the ballast tanks for oil after t.

Heavy fuel oil leakage to the lub oil s.. To allow at least 3 hours of operation DAPI. When you put rudder amidships.. Seafarers employed or engaged on board.

To isolate the fuel source before extin. Flow rate is.. The dispersing additives in lubricating. Lubricate the piston rings. There must always be one man on the shi To keep the valve in correct position a Open the flue gas isolating valve DDGB. By muster lists exhibited in conspicuou.

Gravity disc is too small. Portable bridge between ship and shore.. Stuffing box. It is both a prevention and protection.. Space protected by foam DCKH The diesel speed and excitation current.. Stop discharge. FEC mode. Cover all exposed parts of the body.. The installation shall include equipmen. By double blank flanges with a drain be.

Use the "cleaning in place" arrangement Seven or more short blasts followed by. Starboard bow is given by A on the figu. Check the cargo tanks for water prior t. Lower explosive limit.. C per hour after the first 0. Frequency shift ke.. Aft part of the tank-deck DIKM.

Start with intermittent firing.. Glycerine is compatible with both of th. Figure 2. Adjustable wrench DGLL. At all times DGRN.

Safety call DHIB. Reject it? The signal out from a thermocouple is m.. Every 5 years.. Two prolonged blasts on the whistle at. C DGGM. Lower lifeboat to water DGKR A thorough ventilation of the combustio A unit composed of trained personnel su. Harness with a rope secured to a safe p. The entering permit shall be based on t.

Radiotelex and DSC.. A transducer that converts a known elec How to muster at the assigned stations DKKG. A short circuit occurs between earth fa. Carbon dioxide DFTX Clearing escape routes DGXD. Conductivity test.. Thermocouple sensor DFXG.. A combination of hydrocarbons. The ship's master DJDV. Survival craft distress pyrotechnic sig. Starboard quarter is given by C on the.

Non-combustible material DFQS. All the listed alternatives DFYJ A receipt issued by the Chief Officer..

Emergency lighting DOWR. Multistage centrifugal. Sinkage is the change in draft a vessel.. One for each person on board who is not.. It will move aft as the ship slows down. Very large crude carrier..

A period not exceeding 48 months DQWG. The location and capacity of all fuel a. They are liable to spontaneous combusti. A 60 DMFA. Discharge the washing to shore receptio.

Name of every crew member. The temperature is equal to or over the. Weekly DNSN.. On the fire control plans DMGW. When the boiler is firing on high rate. Change the lube oil. At least four sets DOHO. In emergency generators DQSB. Nitro glycerine tablets. We are controlling the process inlet si. The main supply valves in the deck stor. Stop the separator and drain the water. Call the bridge and request for positio..

It will try to reduce the deviation bet For personnel assigned to shipboard dut. Reduce speed and use soot blowers if so. Weather on-scene. At all times when identified as a contr. The same as suction pressure.. Three hours DWBT. Remove any oil or scum on water surface. Fixed known objects on the shore DTIR. At least once every month by a responsi.. The three international conventions tha.. To store quantities of oil at working p. All Stations.. Pilotage is compulsory and the pilot is..

Three years after the last note was mad. Once every month DYBF.. The types of compressors are piston. Pressure-relive valve setting should no To by-pass.. Figure 2 DTEH.. Faulty governor. Use protective equipment where necessar. Steel or stainless steel. All working spaces accessible by the cr.

Notify Master. Ensure all doors are in closed position. Deck officer and enginee. Easy accessible by the gangway DXND. Any of the others.. From the condenser Lower lifeboat to water DXBP. Insufficient amount of bowl closing wat. Capillary tube DWPW.. S-Band Radar. Single sideband full c. The appointed lifeboat commander DRMV Cargo holds and engine rooms EBWH. Have one slack tank as last tank EBOE Go to your lifeboat station muster sta.

The deck officer of the highest rank pr. Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhe We use inert gas to purge out cargo vap.. The blower air inlet EBOX.. Making the crane jib move from side to.. To lubricate and cool the engine More readings should be taken and s..

Risk of deposits on heat transmitting s. To respond to oil pollution and take ap. It is the number of revolutions.. C ECSD. On the cargo tank area all time? Bi-stable flip-flop ECOS. Stop the bunkering until safe communic He is asking about the position of the. Centrifugal force EDXV. Because certain types of dry powder can. Sugar lump. Cut it with the safety knife stowed on..

The meteorological station connected wi.. The speed of the shock wave created by. All the answers are good EEFI. Raise the feed water temperature.. The deck log book EGNI. In the muster list.. Three months.. Safe working load ECMI. Passenger ships In case of accidents. Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual..

Daily EHNJ. The Flag State language with copies in. Line throwing appliance EKXF. Maximum allowed Oxygen content in the i. Liquid at high pressure.

There are three main reliquefaction sys. Valve in the outlet line partly closed To remove the oxygen and by that avoid. The stevedore superintendent? Herring EHMQ. With the pointer of the synchronoscope. Nine digits. Milk ELUK.. Temperature-control EKAR.. C EHQX. Leave the engine room immediately. One fire hose forward and aft of the ma. In and outlet temperatures.. The vessel anchoring assumes responsibi. Sweep holds clean first and lift out so. The use of devices for protection in la.. Leakages from seawater coolers ELOW Make sure that the compartment has been.

Frequency modulation EKEX. Anchor watch responsibility rests with. Turned at intervals of not more than At all times EJAA.. In suitable lockers easily accessible.. Centrifugal separator. C ELDW.. Because that was the safest passage con..

The way to board Exhaust valve EHLP. Secured via a weak link to a secure par. Put the plates in water with qualified. A ship with a length to beam ratio less. Passenger ship initial surveys. To avoid unexpected oilspill EODR. Design temperature on the cargo contain. How to recover survival craft and rescu. On the main beam ERLQ. Have the engine ready for immediate man.. The load that can be safely lifted duri.

At least four sets or more depending on.

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To ensure that we do not have any water.. Reserve accumulator battery for two hou. All alternatives EOYL.. The pressure switch has contact s that.. By visual and audible signal at the con. Leather safety boots and gloves ERXD.

Sugar EPEH. Every 12 months. At all times ENHX Liferafts intended for throw-overboard.. Periodical survey every 12 months EONQ. Goggles and shield. Lifejacket ENBF. Obtain permission from charters and not.

Section 32 ETSY. Raise the governor speed controller of.. C EWRW. He will find new brake bands in the eng. Varying the excitation field strength b.. The input impedance is made much larger The process will oscillate and get out All valves on the delivery side and adj. He shall ensure obedience by the use of..

On area A3 and A4 this function is base. Different products to be placed on sepa.. Sufficiently manned with officers and c. Once every month EUTX. Initially rise. Ohmmeter EUWE.. When coming up with another vessel from. Dry running of the pump. Initial and intermediate EUDV. Shut off the starting air supply and op. The condition shall be noted and plans. Clean the system and change the oil. Wheeled fire extinguisher EXGV A combination of ullage soundings and r.

When the tank has been satisfactory cle. Call immediately the person in charge.. Reduce the sea echoes Act according to instruction given in t. Foam release station FDHM. Seven digits beginning with a one Heat detector FDBR. An explosion-proof.. Because we need old ships in good condi.. To connect the ship fire main to the sh. Circuit breaker operating time FCHU.. Tarragon FFBP..

The fire is extinguished by avoiding th.. Paint store FECM Switch the UMS selector switch to manua.. Muster station FCFD. A hearing shall be held before a commit.. The ship's cow manual and ejector's per. The plan must show where to clean every In Part Use the opportunity to plot direction a. Complete 15 compressions at the rate of. Not to damage the rotor blades FAUG The should be blown completely dry by t. Keep the floors and decks free from fat.. Leave the engine room as quickly as pos. Immediately notify the captain so he ca.

Close them to prevent the spread of fir Interface towards center. That correct temperature and washing pr. Cross flooding arrangement FFTU. Solid combustibles EYMK. The Act relating to holydays and Regula. Turbocharger FIIP He has a special a special role as comp. Load line certificate FHLB Alkaline detergent strong.

The name of the person in charge of the. Prevent manual synchronising outside pe. Intermittent signals by the ship's alar. Raise the water level a couple of inche. All alternatives FJHV. Air leaks on suction side FKPY. The engine shall be provided with an el.. First aspect confirm death.

Yes FIBF. All these methods can be adopted FGEQ One bolt in every hole FKRP Henry FKSJ. Rapid recovery shall be possible with t Inter-ship channel FGWA.

Near to the deck. The deck for the lifeboats. In the Act relating to the enrolment of. Poor cylinder condition.. Ball bearings on the pump shaft.. Lights as per rules regulated by the sh. List and trim correction tables. All of the above FJAH. Increased turbocharger revolutions FHKJ. Black FIAI.

All the mentioned alternatives FGKN. By immersing them in buckets with oil a. All the items mentioned FIPC. To prevent the water from freezing. There must be a complete interchangeabi. Oscar FKDL. Proves the name of the owners of shares.

To avoid the compressor-oil to disappea. To avoid damage and miscolouring of dif.. It is possible since the ballasted vess.. Frequency modulation FQDR.

An unofficial translation of "Den norsk.. Figure 4 is correct. Lower the load FOXW.. Making the crane jib move up and down. Lack of oxygen?

You are running into danger FPRD. Maximum is 30 litre pr nautical mile an.. Within 24 hrs FLPV. Ports in exposed position shall be clos Manual operated release system only FPWB..

The foam should be aimed at the bulkhea.. Inhibitor name. Broken water seal May FOGO. Wait until the coast-station calls agai Start engine FOYQ. Emergency fire pump? Regulating freon liquid flow to the ev. Training in lifeboat handling. Prevent biological growth FTAV..

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Ionization type FXAK. Changing of filter element would not in. Cast off the rope. Signals for vessels restricted in their The team is applying water and the temp. A search inside the crankcase for tools A leak of exhaust gases from boiler or.

The visible smoke that is a result of c. All the mentioned alternatives? A pharmacy authorised to do so or if no.. Heavy seas from behind. One for each person on board who is not.A substances total energyconsists of; A Mollier chart.

A suitable composition of water and det. A bolt in every hole CFXD. That the wires are just above the water. Lower lifeboat to water DXBP. GYVK - Gas may enter, but even if an explosion Reject the offer BELE.