Bacon and olive risotto. Beetroot dip. Broccoli with almonds. Cauliflower soup. Chilli jam. Crab and corn soup. Cranberry relish. Creamy broccoli soup. Creamy . COOK4ME. Intelligent multicooker. That cooks for you ½ cup. Lemon juice. 1 tsp. 2 tsp. 3 tsp. Crackers (to serve). PUMPKIN DIP. Express recipe. ST. AR. TER . feta, Lemon delicious, Bread & Butter pudding: recipes developed by Suzanne Gibbs and from The Pressure. Cooker Recipe Book published by Viking, Penguin .

Tefal Cook4me Recipe Book

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Tefal provides you with detailled recipes for starters, main courses and desserts. Discover on all the recipes and cook the best meal for your family and friends. Tefal Cook4me. likes · talking about this. A group for people to discuss recipes and ideas and share pics for the Tefal cook4me. (Note. Not. This is the link to the Australian recipe book for you to download.

Tefal Cook4Me review: another gadget for the cupboard?

Every cook has them, the piece of kit they were convinced would revolutionise their kitchen, only for it to add to the clutter. The Tefal Cook4Me has clutter written all over it. It no more cooks for you than your stove will.

You still have to chop the onions. You still have to brown the meat. You still have to stir the pot.


It does have functionality, however, even though it takes a while to work out exactly what that functionality might be, for the accompanying literature is rather coy. Eventually I clock that the Cook4Me is a pressure cooker — a term never used in the instruction manual — with a heating element and, on the front, a whizzy computer interface with about as much processing power as a high-end mobile phone circa It comes pre-loaded with 50 recipes.

The idea is that you dial up your chosen recipe — chilli con carne say, or beef and ale casserole — and it will guide you through the process from start to finish, from listing ingredients through browning of meat to the final cook.

The problems are legion.

Second, the screen, poorly angled to be read by an adult, only displays quantities of ingredients once, before telling you what to do with them. They have to supply a printed booklet to go alongside for reference, which rather defeats the object. It becomes a pressure cooker with a cookbook.

Those have been around for 50 years. Almost stopped cooking on cooktop. Handy application.

The multi cooker doesn't retain smells or flavours after use. I used to be all about the slow cooker, then one day my mum sent me a gift and it was this weird looking robot. I couldn't be bothered reading the instructions, nor did I want to change how I cooked, so I left it sitting there for months. Fast forward to a day when I had time on my hands, I opened up the box, threw gently a leg roast of lamb, a can of tomatoes and a heap of rosemary and garlic, set it for 40 minutes manual And I've never looked back.

It's more or less a fast slow cooker? I have used a few of the recipes in there, but it's not really my thing. I use it to do my weekly meal prep for my very fit, and always hungry boyfriend and I.

I can have 1kg of chicken breast cooked to perfection in less than 20 mins by throwing gently the chicken in the steaming basket, adding 20ml of water and pressing a few buttons. I've got my girlfriend's on to pressure cooking. I managed to cook a meal for my MIL's 60th birthday in about 3 hours.

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This fed 20 people and there were left overs. Soups are great to make in it too. Just put some water and veges in after you've cooked some meat roast lamb is the best, , put on for 40 mins and viola. The slow cook function is pretty average and hard to use. Date downloaddAug Terri More than happy with this excellent pressure cooker I downloadd this pressure cooker and I more than happy.

Quick and excellent food cooker, in fact I am looking to download another one. I have made chicken soup, casseroles, spaghetti bolognaise and stir fries with ease and it cooks in a matter of minutes.


The bread and butter pudding recipe is the only one I am happy with in the recipe book but I mainly use my own recipes. Would highly recommend this pressure for ease and quickness and well cooked food. Unhappy people need to experiment to get the good results.Second, the screen, poorly angled to be read by an adult, only displays quantities of ingredients once, before telling you what to do with them.

Absolutely perfect for a weekend lunch or Friday night Fakeaway. I decide to see what it can do with a whole chicken.

This is perfectly possible with the Cook4me, but you need to select your recipes accordingly. You still have to chop the onions.

Experimenting with the Tefal Cook4me multicooker

View details. Interested in this blog post? This persuaded me the Cook4me had potential and that I should get more adventurous with it.

Lebanese bread, pita bread, as part of a salad plate